[3830] IARU CT1ENQ SO Mixed LP

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Wed Jul 16 10:35:13 EDT 2008

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: CT1ENQ
Operator(s): CT1ENQ
Station: CT1ENQ

Class: SO Mixed LP
QTH: IN51uk
Operating Time (hrs): 12,88

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    0      0      0       0
   80:   17     18      6      15
   40:   25     25      7      18
   20:   55    158     12      30
   15:   29     36      8      18
   10:   13     27      3      10
Total:  139    264     36      91  Total Score = 122,240

Club: Northern Portugal DX Group


This year conditions seemed worse than last year, not so many dx stations worked
or even listened. Short skip on 10m allowed me to work a few EA and even CS8HQ
which was booming sunday morning. Lower bands had too much QRN but enough to
work a few HQ and HP stations.
As I said, not so many DX but here are some of the stations that i've heard but
could not make it 'thru' their log: ZY6MP, LS1D, PR1T, VA2RAC, K3ZO, W1QK, 9Y4D,

Must say that ZD8Z was always very strong on 15m, saturday and sunday.

My conditions were bad, used the Icom 706MKiiG without CW Narrow filter,
running 100W into and off-center feed home made dipole, for all bands with
manual tuner MFJ971. On lower bands, some RF Leaks made the internal keyer work
with strange behaviour, forcing me to lower power to 40/50W to allow correct

Before starting the contest i established the goal of making twice the Qs of
last year (207) and that was achieved and the score doubled. Well, last year i
think i worked less time and only on SSB.

Only worked around 12h but with many gaps at vital hours. So not a real effort
but anyway it was a very nice contest as usual.

Must say that Mr. Murphy made a visit and lost the first hour of the contest
trying to make N1MM logger work but it always blocked, so no DVK nor CAT. Went
to Super Duper and all was ok except DVK that was not working. Must loose some
time to fine-tune this problem.

Thanks all for the Qs.

vy 73 es mni dx

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