[3830] WPX CW P40L(@P40L/P49Y) M/2 HP

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Sun Jun 1 20:28:33 EDT 2008

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: P40L
Operator(s): W6LD, AE6Y, W0YK, KX7M
Station: P40L/P49Y

Class: M/2 HP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 48.0

 Band  QSOs
   80:  105
   40: 1567
   20: 1904
   15:  755
   10:    2
Total: 4333  Prefixes = 1090  Total Score = 19,340,360

Club: Northern California Contest Club


The southern Caribbean was not necessarily the place to be for this one.  The
high bands were disappointing much of both days the bands opening far later
than usual and with heavy QSB and ESP level signals much of the time.

Our apologies to those we had difficulty copying.   The challenges of light
signals with heavy QSB were compounded by noisy band conditions and ongoing
issues with inter-station interference.  Thanks to all who stuck with us!

We had a terrific start for the first five or six hours (300 Qs the first
hour), but for much of the remainder of the contest our hourly rates with two
radios were below our single radio rates from the prior year due to the
combination of the poor conditions and low activity levels out of North

We embarked on this operation with a number of goals in mind:

1)	To complete finishing work on the installation of the towers and antennas
started in February (the new antennas generally played very well; the one
disappointment was the arcing problems we experienced with our new Sigma 80
dipole that pretty much knocked us off of 80 meters, except for an hour or so
at low power on the second night, costing us a fair number 6 point Qs);

2)	To try out and gain experience with the Win-Test logging software
(excellent, with particularly powerful features for a multi-op station);

3)	To try out and gain experience with the new Elecraft K-3 radios (excellent
receivers); and

4)	To force ourselves to work on the inter-station interference issues (hence,
the choice of the multi-two category) that have plagued the station despite two
levels of band pass filters and coax stubs (new more remote beverages installed
before the contest were a huge success (40 meters receive was almost
exclusively with the new beverages); but the other problems continue more or

All in all, we feel we made lots of progress on most of our goals and in all
events we had lots of fun!

Congratulations to the 6Y1V and ES9C teams on their great results, as well as
to the several excellent multi-single efforts.  There were many hours we could
hear the new 6Y1V station with its high stacks running European stations that
we could not hear, especially on the high bands.

As in the past, we greated enjoyed the hospitality of the local ham friends on
the island.  We had a great time visiting with many of them both before and
after the contest, including Jean-Pierre and his wife Christine (P43A and
P43C), Joop (P43JB) and Lissandro (P43L) and his wife Lissette.

As always, thanks for all the QSOs!


John (W6LD/P40L), Andy (AE6Y/P49Y), Ed (W0YK/P49X), and Denny (KX7M)

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