[3830] ARS QRP Sprint

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Tue Jun 3 04:21:45 EDT 2008

ARS QRP Sprint, June 3, N6RO

band	QSOs
20	39
40	26
80	2
tot	67

5 W,  two FT1000mp,  stacked yagis.

I haven't participated in this event since last summer - it used to 
be a fun exercise at very low power.  I wondered why the announcement 
emails stopped, and activity was so low this month.  When attempting 
to enter my score on their website,  I notice  that K1ESE no longer 
manages the Sprint.  There are no  score summaries from recent (10 
months) Sprints in the current pages nor archives.  Emphasis seems to 
be not on score, but on what 'adventure' you had in participating, 
such as: fighting rattlesnakes to put up a wire antenna for your 200 
mW rig in the boondocks, in the rain and 120 F.  But it is the 
ADVENTURE Radio Society as sponsor.

As a contester, my 'adventure' is achieving a good score and seeing 
results in score ranking reports.  And, life is too short for QRP in 
summer QRN condx.   Doubt if I will waste more time in  future ARS 
Sprints, except for checking out my K3, whenever it arrives. 
Apologies to ARS if I am way off base here.  N6RO

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