[3830] ARRL June VHF KR1ST/R Rover LP

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Wed Jun 18 21:01:44 EDT 2008

                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: KR1ST/R
Operator(s): KG4KFV, KR1ST
Station: KR1ST/R

Class: Rover LP
QTH: FM03,EM93,FM02,EM92
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:   95    44
    2:   46    18
  432:   17     7
Total:  158    73  Total Score = 12,775



This was the first time for my wife and me to operate as a rover and we had a
lot of fun. We live near Charleston, SC in an area called "The Lowcountry". The
average height of the terrain above sea level is 20ft or so. In order to get
some elevation we parked on the roof level of two parking garages. This turned
out to work out very well for us.

We activated 4 grids, FM03, EM93, FM02 and EM92. The operation in the last grid
got cut short due to thunderstorms. We were simultaneously on the air on 6m and
2m which worked better than expected.

It was the first time my wife participated in a contest and she enjoyed it. She
worked a 40 minute pile up on 6m and did very well, especially considering we
were using paper logs. In fact, the majority of the contacts were made by my
wife. We make a good team!

Rig: 6m/70cm, FT-897
     2m, IC-275H

Ant: 6m dipole made from two 2m verticals
     2m 4 element Arrow yagi
     70cm 8 element homebrew "cheap yagi"
     the mast was a 16ft telescopic flagpole on a heavy umbrella base

Pwr: 6m, 100W
     2m, 100W
     70cm, 20W

Pwr Source: deep cycle hybrid marine batteries with a 600W pure sinus inverter

--Alex, KR1ST and Jennifer, KG4KFV

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