[3830] ARRL FD K5YAC 1A HP

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Mon Jun 30 12:58:37 EDT 2008

                    ARRL Field Day

Call: K5YAC
Operator(s): K5YAA, K5YAC
Station: K5YAC

Class: 1A HP
QTH: Skiatook Lake, Ok.
Operating Time (hrs): 22

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:  285     30       
   40:  244     93       
   20:  268    420       
   15:   66     30       
   10:    7      7       
Total:  870    580      0  Total Score = 2,320

Club: Oklahoma DX Association


Dad (K5YAA) and I (K5YAC) operated the same setup (minus digital, forgot the
rigblaster cable :-( ) from the same location as last year since it worked out
so well.  We arrived at the site Friday afternoon so we could get set up and
enjoy a cold drink or two before turning in for the night.  It was pretty warm
and muggy, so similar to last year I didn't get much sleep the night before the
event started.  

Once underway we found activity to be a little slow, but we were covering most
of the country on 20M so we felt that we were getting out ok.  After several
hours of slugging it out we had only worked 200 or so QSOs.  We got pounded by
rain for 25-30 minutes Saturday afternoon, but we just kept on operating
underneath the screen hut and remained fairly dry.  Worked several VEs and
picked up a couple of AH6s on 20M.  It really wasn't looking like much of an
effort, but we recalled that we only had 500 or so at 9pm on the first night of
FD07, which is about where we were at this year.  I was pretty tired around 10,
so I topped off the generator and decided to leave Dad on the key (where he
prefers to be), and grab a nap.  When I sat up in my tent I could hear the
generator surging a bit so I knew he was still up transmitting.  I peeked out
of the tent and saw a bit of blue sky and wondered what time it was... 5:15am! 
Some nap, eh?  I started some coffee and hustled out to the shack.  Dad says,
"oh good, I'm going to hit 1000 and you can take over."  I thought... 1000?
Alright!  We have a chance at last year’s score.  He had worked 500 or so in
6 - 7 hours and was currently on 997, so I poured my cup and got ready.

I worked 80/40-SSB for a while then slid up to 20M by about 8am.  Found a nice
(short) opening on 15M and 10M around 9am or so.  Dad was back out in the shack
around 10:30 and he operated the last couple of hours.  We were working them off
pretty quick the last 30 minutes or so, but 1474 Qs (last year’s count), was
just a bit out of reach.  With Dad staying up all night, we were probably only
off the air for a total of 2 hours (operated 22) for Saturday night dinner and
a few short breaks.  Had a good time and finished up with a pretty good sack of

Kenwood TS-850 on marine batteries
Ameritron 811-H on Honda EU2000i
130’ inverted V up 40’
N1MM logger

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