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Mon Mar 3 09:39:08 EST 2008

                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB

Call: VO1MP
Operator(s): VO1MP
Station: VO1MP

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 27

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   53    33
   80:   89    51
   40:  495    67
   20: 1057    80
   15:   84    37
Total: 1778   268  Total Score = 1,429,512

Club: East Coast Canada Contest Club


Conditions were not great ...  had hoped to put in more hours  but low band
conditions provided   absolutely no incentive  to stay awake  especially on
Friday  nite, cannot  remember  when I have ever heard 40 meters  so barren of
signals .........most of the  European  big guns were  down 30-40 db  and
propagation was  spotty from here. Fortunately that  band  recovered and
enabled a few good spates of CQ'in on Saturday and Sunday....... 20 meters 
again the only bread and butter band and did provide some activity ....  not
one JA  .... did have a few YB's call in on 20 ....and  lots of middle east 
especially 4X..... kept an eye on 15   but  it only opened briefly on Sunday
long enough to provide a few EU mults, for the  most part 15 meter propagaton
from here was north south and that bit of scewed path propagation to Europe on
Sunday......    Not  a peep on 10 ..... however I Did manage  a few  5 banders
....no frequency fights   so I guess  this speaks volumes for the conditions 
hi ! 
Elected to dig in on 40 and stay around 7050 to CQ  and receive on the same
frequency ............  man  that's  tough  especially with the  big European
stations 1.5 KC  either side of  you working split and completely oblivious to
your presence...... however  I did manage to work a lot of 10 and 20 watt
European novices.... 80 meters  was  biggest disappointment...... and 160
continues to  yield  a few  mults...... however  sunspots  cannot  happen TOO
soon .. hi !  
Did get a weather  break so managed to replace  the driven element on my 20
meter  yagi.... also  did slight modification   to beef it up a bit  .... we'll
see I guess  we still some  winter  left here yet  hi ! 
Piss and Moan  section....
Biggest complaint  .... again ... that rather  ubiquitous   station  QRZ  ...
was out in full force again this  contest ... especially in the Caribean and
now ..South America ... dont  know  why saying  "THANKS QRZ " qrz is  shorter
than jest  saying XX1X  ......  go figure... 
oh well lots of fun  my favourite contest ... hope to be on for the WPX..
thanks for qsos/qsys ...
C'Y'ALL Next One  
73  Gus  VO1MP

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