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Wed Mar 5 09:07:05 EST 2008

ARRL DX CW - made from Cape Cod, MA - K1ZM
3200/376 = 3,609,600 - Single Op All/Band
(Anyone remember the "HEIDI" Game - NY Jets Football Fall  1968?)   I think 
Heidi and Murphy and Massachusetts Electric all  had the same mother or are 
somehow otherwise related to each  other......

ARRL DX SSB - made from Prince Edward Is.
2933/339 = 2,980,827 - Single Op All Band
(After two Ice Major Storms 6 weeks apart coupled with high winds  (just ask 
K6LA & VY2RU!!!) - I was happy to even get on the  air. However, this gives me 
an opportunity to rebuild the antennas and  a few changes will be made.)
K6LA and I have A TON of work to do this summer - In 50 years of  contesting 
I've never been whipped by an ice storm followed by 70MPH winds (let  alone a 
second one 6 weeks later), so this is a first for me - but it taught me  a few 
things about antenna design - so I'll re-engineer things and make them  even 
stronger the next time.!)
Congrats to my WRTC partner - K1KI on a superb score on CW and  also to K3CR 
who really made those WA3FET yagis sing!  Great  efforts from both of these 
fine operators!
CU in the next one....
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