[3830] OkQP N5UM(@N5UM/M) Rover-Unassisted LP

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Mon Mar 10 00:34:33 EDT 2008

                    Oklahoma QSO Party

Call: N5UM
Operator(s): N5UM
Station: N5UM/M

Class: Rover-Unassisted LP
QTH: 3 counties
Operating Time (hrs): 2

 Band  CW-Dig Qs  Ph Qs
   40:     58        8
   20:     79        4
Total:    137       12  Mults = 32  Total Score = 13,920



Could not operate much this year.  Had to get my son to a soccer game down in
Duncan (Stephens County) by 11AM Saturday, then speed back to Edmond to work on
a big fundraiser for our Boy Scout troop the rest of the day.  Also no time to
operate at all on Sunday.  Hope to be able to put more time in next year.  

However, the time I was able to put in was a BLAST!.   Was on the Grady/McClain
county line (just SW of Blanchard) at 8AM Saturday for the contest start.   The
first CQ started a huge pileup that lasted about 20 minutes.   Stayed at that
spot until about 9:15AM still with lots of callers, but then had to QRT and
head for Duncan.   Operated for 1/2 hour at Duncan (Stephens County) during the
warm-up before my son's game.   There were lots of stations with good signals,
and I managed to work one station in EU on 20 from all 3 counties.

This was the first HF operation from my new 2008 Pontiac G6.  Still haven't
mounted anything permanent in or on the car yet. Had some RF issues that caused
the computer keying to lock up from time to time.  Also, some increased RX noise
level was observed when the USB cable between the laptop and the interface was
plugged in.  I'm sure when I get things more permanently installed, it will
work better, but having the operating position and the laptop in the back seat
only a few feet from the antenna doesn't help.

Rig:  IC706MK2G - 100 w - finally got a CW filter for this rig, didn't haul the
IC756 in the car this time.
Antennas:  HamSticks - mag mounted on trunk lid
Computer: New Laptop - Windows Vista Home Premium, N3FJP OKQP Log program
Computer Interface:  Microham USB Interface II

Band and county breakdown (QSOs):

         20M PH     20M  CW     40M PH    40M CW
Grady      2           27          4        23    Total  56
McClain    2           27          4        23    Total  56
Stephens   0           25          0        12    Total  37

Total      4           79          8        58    Total 149

Very 73,


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