[3830] Commonwealth ZC4LI Open HP

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Mon Mar 10 06:18:14 EDT 2008

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: ZC4LI
Operator(s): STEVE
Station: ZC4LI

Class: Open HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs
   80:  084
   40:  245
   20:  299
   15:  197
   10:  028
Total:  853  Total Score = 7,940

Club: ESBA



Antennas:-  Cushcraft A3S + 40M add on @ 50Ft   Titanex 160HD
Amp:-       Acom1000
Rig:-       Icom-756 Pro3
Software:-  Wintest

Thanks to the organisers and to everyone for the Q's
Condx were pretty good all round with an opening to
VK/G/9M and points East at 0740Z on 10M. There were
also some good openings to VK/ZL on 15 and 40.

The first 14 hours produced 726 Q's but the remaining
10 hours of the contest were pretty dire with only another
134 Q's counting dupes, and I only nodded off over the 
keyboard once for around 10 minutes. 
I do seem to remember some policeman trying to move me 
along on 80m for some reason or another but at 4AM or
some other ungodly time I was past caring !!

I used the Wintest software for the 1st time {I have used CT
since 1989} and it worked perfectly apart from once when I switched
off an overhead neon light which it didn't take kindly too and
I had to restart the prog.
It doesn't provide a Breakdown file though or if it does I have yet 
to find it.

73 and hope to cu in the Russian DX this weekend, Steve.

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