[3830] Commonwealth 9M2CNC(G4ZFE) Open HP

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Sun Mar 16 14:07:50 EDT 2008

                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: 9M2CNC
Operator(s): G4ZFE
Station: 9M2CNC

Class: Open HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs
   80:    0
   40:   21
   20:  181
   15:  119
   10:   11
Total:  370  Total Score = 3,170



IC756 Pro 1 plus SPE Expert amplifier - 400W output
Force 12 C3-S at 12m
40m Inverted V at 12m

My best BERU entry to date. Activity was up since I last took part in 2006. 

1. A great over the pole opening to VE1/2/3 on 20m. This doesn't happen often
from 9M2 and it was much appreciated with some big signals from VE3.

2. Working V26CC. A new one for me...

3. Hello 10m! Some big signals from 5B4 and it was close to opening to the UK.


1. The beam was stuck North so working VK/ZL on the HF bands was a challenge

2. No time to put up the 80m vertical and radials so no QSOs on 80

Thank you for the QSOs. QSOs are already in LoTW and EQSL. QSL via G4ZFE via
bureau or direct.

73 de Rich, G4ZFE/9M2CNC

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