[3830] Rus DX I4VEQ(IZ3EYZ) SO Mixed HP

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Mon Mar 17 15:09:37 EDT 2008

                    Russian DX Contest

Call: I4VEQ
Operator(s): IZ3EYZ
Station: IR4X

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Mt. Capra
Operating Time (hrs): 23

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Countries  Oblasts
  160:   187     33      38        37
   80:   123    139      54        36
   40:   287    196      68        58
   20:   316    740      92        71
   15:    98     50      55        18
   10:     2      1       3         0
Total:  1013   1159     310       220  Total Score = 7,291,210



Maybe I should claim MO cos of Mr.Murphy assistance.
Saturday alarm clock didn't ring, thus I woke up at 10am. At that time I still
had to pick up one radio, switches, coax and some other BS at my low band dxing
QTH plus the 110km trip by car. So I arrived at IR4X at 12.15 local time, 45
minutes b4 the contest start :-S

Thus, my ambitious SO2R setup looked like: 6x2 manual switch, BPF manually
switched pulling in/out filters, no CAT on both radios, no CW interface on both
radios, 100w on the 2nd radio, no voice keyer, single PC, MP3 reader headphone
for 2nd radio, control boxes all around the shack (jumping in/out of the

It was clear I was not going to compete seriously but I decided to have some
fun (and believe me besides all the S..T I had RDXC **IS** FUN!!!) and get the
910 points for WRTC.

The cherry upon the cake was losing 80m ant at 01z. Pity as I lost tons of
DXCC, OB and USA runs on this band. I went off for abt 30mins but couldn't find
the problem. After the contest I figured out it was the 12V wire switching for
CW/SSB and 2nd 80m ant that went wrong. Since the BS happened while I was
working 4Z5LA I would congratulate with him since he heard my serial NR. using
some meters of coax as antenna :-)
I was not aware the rotator issue with 80m ant was solved then I worked
Russians with the antenna fixed USA resulting in some spots with LOUD or BIG
SIG comments from US....

Excellent low band condx, several US stns were S-9 on the meter on 160m. Many
of them called in but asked for serial many times (QRN??). Best ears seemed to
belong to N2NT and N2NL compared to usual 160m big guns.

I have been quite surprised to hear some of the SOAB-MIX competitors with equal
or lower numbers during the contest so that it was a boost to my moral!
I see and heard some guys had their pile of troubles as well like DL6FBL, 9A1UN
and a few others.
Besides all the troubles it was nice to have 9A5X and OM3LA within 200/300
On the other hand I think OM3LA cheerleadering (or was that selfspotting??) by
OM2VL/OM3RM was a bit too much. I would say a powerful station like OM8A
doesn't need all that cluster assistance like little pistols ;-)

I also realized some people got confused by the "4V" chars on CW producing
interesting calls like IV4Q, IV3EQ, IV4EQ, SV4Q....wonder when we Italians will
be allowed to use 2x1 in RDXC.

Lowlights were some quick QRG fights, some Russians calling in 3 times within
15 mins (ie. 20m SSB), my lack of Russian knowledge (I noticed some Russian
guys have troubles to understand English numbers/callsign).

I'll be back in 2009 without a last minute setup for a better score.


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