[3830] VaQP N2CU Single Op LP

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Mon Mar 17 20:03:55 EDT 2008

                    Virginia QSO Party

Call: N2CU
Operator(s): N2CU
Station: N2CU

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
  160:    7      2      -
   80:   44     13      -
   40:   92     70      -
   20:    3      0      -
Total:  146     85      0  Mults = 83  Total Score = 37,352



First time participant. Pretty good mobile activity but contest period is too
long. I was really surprised to find no RTTY or PSK31 stations from VA. This is
amazing because this QSO party counts digital QSOs separately from CW, meaning
there's a whole bunch of points to be had if only stations would try. The
digital plaque winner from last years event had a total of 8 points! 160m
should also be given more consideration, as should 80m during daylight hours.
Other QSO parties have found daytime 80m to be super for in state and close by
activity. All that being said, I enjoyed myself even though the high bands
didn't produce much of anything. Thank goodness for 40m though. Score includes
500 bonus points for working K4NVA.

FT1000MP, TH6DXX 50', 40m sloper, 80m sloping wire, 160m Inv. L, N1MM logger.

Tom N2CU <><

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