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Sun Mar 23 23:15:24 EDT 2008

                    BARTG HF RTTY Contest

Call: VE4EAR
Operator(s): VE4EAR
Station: VE4EAR

Class: SOAB HP
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Countries  Call Areas
   80:   69       2         15
   40:  148      10         15
   20:  175      23         17
   15:    5       5          1
   10:    0       0          0
Total:  397      40         48  Continents = 6  Total Score = 209,616



Another Part Time effort with the busy Easter Weekend. The radio was left on and
whenever I could steal a few minutes popped into the shack and made a few Q's.

Low bands were somewhat reasonable on Friday night(02:00 - 06:00) No real DX
exccept for a ZL on 40m. 20m in the morning seemed good and EU even opened
around 13:30. Unfortunately thats when I called called away and only made a few
contacts. During the afternoon when I had time to play, my neighbor decided he
was going to try out his new arc welding machine. The noise on 20m went form S3
to S9+20, and usually right in the middle of a QSO. Had a few runs going and
couldn't hold out with the welding noise. 15m only opened to LS1D in deep SA.

Sunday was very sporadic operation. Wish I could have worked more as I feel if
I had put the time in I could have had 600Qs :)

Thanks to the sponsors for a real fun contest. Also thanks to VA7ST and VE9DX
for the Q's as well as the encouragement, your rates and totals give me
something to shoot for!

See you all in the big one next weekend...full time effort planned.

73 Ed

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