[3830] BARTG K4GMH SO Expert HP

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Mon Mar 24 00:00:39 EDT 2008

                    BARTG HF RTTY Contest

Call: K4GMH
Operator(s): K4GMH
Station: K4GMH

Class: SO Expert HP
Operating Time (hrs): 20
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Countries  Call Areas
   80:  283      32          14
   40:  444      46         21`
   20:  537      62          27
   15:   53       7          11
   10:    0       0           0
Total: 1317     147          73  Continents = 6  Total Score = 1,735,800

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Thanks to the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group for sponsoring the Contest. 
Now if BARTG would just sponsor some Sun Spots for next year's Contest....  

The bands were okay considering the numbers.  Plus, a lot of noise was
generated by a weather front that came through around 1600Z Sat.  Took a three
hour break at 1700z and when can back the static was almost overwhelming. 
Struggled for several hours, but didn't like asking for all the repeats. 
Called it quits at 2300Z.  

Sunday, the lower freq. bands was better, but a number of family commitments
limited the op. time.  

Did experience a number of dropped transmissions.  Not sure why, but suspect
getting RF into the computer.  Not surprising considering the "rats nest" of
wires in back of the operating position.  Going to have to get the wiring
organized and ferrite chokes on a number of the wires connected to the

Thanks to all who put up with my request for repeats and delays in getting the
exchange due to the drop transmissions.  Your patience is appreciated. 

   Mike, K4GMH

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