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Tue Mar 25 09:15:58 EDT 2008

                    BARTG HF RTTY Contest

Call: CT1ENQ
Operator(s): CT1ENQ
Station: CT1ENQ

Class: SOAB LP
Operating Time (hrs): 6,88

 Band  QSOs  Countries  Call Areas
   80:   6        6          1
   40:  31       17          4
   20:  50       22          7
Total:  87       43         12  Continents = 5  Total Score = 23,950

Club: NPDXG - Northern Portugal DX Group


First time in this contest and first RTTY contest for me. First goal was to
learn get into N1MM logger for next weekends WPX contest. Could be a SOAB6 but
seems that N1MM reports more .88 hours so i must be in SOAB category. 
It was a nice experience but not yet as i wanted. Did not have so much time and
used to programs for this, which was not a good idea. Logged with N1MM and used
DM780 from HRD for QSOs. Now i must scroll back to the logs to take note of my
sent exchanges. I think that the time exchange just makes it more difficult.
Dispite all this i could manage a few Qs with 40/50W into my dipole.

Must get into digital contests, its fun :)

Now it's time to get ready for CQ WPX SSB. Will be using the CT7X call.
See you all on the bands.

Rig: Icom 706MKIIG @ 40/50W
Ant: Home made OCF dipole + MFJ 971
Sof: N1MM as Logger + HRD DM780 for RTTY


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