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Mon Mar 31 14:17:59 EDT 2008

                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB

Call: OK5R
Operator(s): OK1RI
Station: OK1RI/OK1RF

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Brezina
Operating Time (hrs): 36

 Band  QSOs
  160:  189
   80:  561
   40:  945
   20: 1378
   15:  251
Total: 3324  Prefixes = 1133  Total Score = 10,446,260



Once more in WPX an all bands. The propagation on Saturday was horrible, I could
snap a few dozens of Ws on 40m the first night....(opposed to DR1A), how ever I
was able to work only 5 Ws on 80m. Especially bad was 20m  - as far as to W9 I
have reached at first in 2000GMT !!!. I could not dream to work California in
Saturday. It is unbelievable to hear what a difference a few hundred kms make.
The "Middle" of Europe was once more for sure not the place to be in. The
competition for top spot in Eu is going to be neck to neck this year - we will
see what will happen after the "dust" settles down. I wonder what OM3BH made
from OM8A super station.
I was "pausing" a bit more in Saturday than in Sunday hoping the propagation
could not get worse. In one moment M6T was already 500 QSOs ahead, but on the
end I was happy to be "only" 250 behind. Somehow I have omitted from my
observations 4O3A - they were usually some Multi during the last years. I had
also heavy wind with rain causing huge static for some period of time. As is
getting to be the rule the lack of JAs is getting worse, I  made only 68 QSOs
– optimistic is the rise of activity in China – I made 38 QSOs. No USA on
15m at all. I have completely omitted 10m. 
Thanks for a QSO to all of you and hope to hear you again.
160 + 80- 47 m vertical with 150 radials.
40 – 2x5Y @52/26m + 3el Delta fix to JA @42m + dipole @5m
20 – 2x6Y @26/13m + 5Y @52m + 6Y @13m
15 – 3x6Y @32/23/14m + 2x6Y at 23/13m + 6Y at 13m
4x340m/80m spaced beverages to USA + K9AY 

73 !


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