[3830] NAQP SSB NC4KW(@N1LN) M/2 LP

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Sun Aug 16 06:39:00 PDT 2009

                    North American QSO Party, SSB

Call: NC4KW
Operator(s): N4YDU, W4KAZ, NT4D, KA1ARB, N1YXU, N1LN
Station: N1LN

Class: M/2 LP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   45    21
   80:  126    32
   40:  520    53
   20:  474    47
   15:   82    23
   10:    3     1
Total: 1250   177  Total Score = 221,250

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club



Another fun time was had by all, despite the poor propagation and the fact that
we were not one of the south central US participants.  Congrats to the W5WMU
team for their outstanding score.  They had more Qs on 20mtrs than we had for
the sum of all bands.  Location - Location - Location....and of course station,

Knowing that we did not have a chance to come close to winning, our goal was to
improve our score from last year's August entry and, if possible, on all bands. 
We did improve our Q count, Mult count and Score, but not on every band.  The
low bands (40 to 160) had very heavy QRN.  We did not work any 7s or 6s on 75
or 160 and very few 5s and 0s.  That really hurt both our Q our mult count.  15
was better than last year, but certainly not a prize winner either. As for 10
meters, if it was not for Texas we would not have any Qs at all.  Our huge Q
count of 3 was all Texas.  

Thanks to all the stations that moved for us.  The mults were much

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)

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