[3830] NAQP SSB W5WMU M/2 LP

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Sun Aug 16 09:57:57 PDT 2009

                    North American QSO Party, SSB

Call: W5WMU
Operator(s): W5WMU, KI5XP
Station: W5WMU

Class: M/2 LP
QTH: Lafayette, La
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   29    16
   80:  125    30
   40:  674    59
   20: 1443    63
   15:  189    44
   10:   13     6
Total: 2473   218  Total Score = 539,114

Club: Louisiana Contest Club



What a great contest!  Conditions werent great, but I guess good enough to make
a nice score.  

At 18:00z I tuned the dial to 14.255 and called CQ.  Rusty, W6OAT was the first
in the log of what turned out to be a 10 hour, 1443 qso run that didnt end until
04:15z that night.  Incredibly, I dont recall calling CQ more then a dozen times
in the 10 hour period, where stations just kept coming over and over again. 
This has to be the most fun on a run station that I've ever had!  All the
while, Pat bounced from 10, 15, 40, 80, and 160.  By the time I left 20M, it
was closed for the evening and I moved to 40.

Bands seemed to be decent enough for qso's, although I never got a chance to
hear 10, 15, 80 or 160.  After 20 closed, I managed a few runs on 40, but
bounced around a good bit.  One was higher in the band, and the second was down
a bit lower.  Sure is refreshing to hear that big gap of broadcasters from 100
to 200.  I finished the night on 40 with a string of DX stations that came one
after another.  Somehow a pipeline opened between Lafayette, La and Rome,

Great competition from the guys over at NX5M, Bob's group is a great bunch of
guys, and always fun to visit with when we get the chance.  

Thanks always to Pat for the invite for the contest, and all the hard work he
puts in at the camp to get things ready.  He insists that it should take more
then 30 minutes before a contest for me to prepare the computers and get the
modules ready, but I havent seen a great reason to start any sooner!   

Thanks also to everyone for the qso's, sorry for the repeats to the DX
stations, but glad you guys called.


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