[3830] LQP 52 (2009) K6VVA (Reformatted)

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Wed Jan 21 22:49:27 EST 2009

Tnx to all who showed up in the 3rd Annual LQP (Locust QSO Party) tonight,
and to those who sent emails saying they couldn't make it this year.  It was
nice to work so many NS 'Regulars'.  We could have all made a lot more Q's
if NS type dupes were allowed.  Sorry 'bout that, folks.
Super TNX to this year's LQP 'Secret Swarmers' --- fellow FOC'ers (and
NS'ers) Jim/N3BB and Howie/N4AF.  If you come to Visalia this year guys, all
your 807's will be on me.  I had to chuckle when I heard N3BB & N4AF working
each other with the name 'Locust' !!!  Also Tnx to some of my fellow Non-NS
NCCC Members who joined us tonight.
The turnout seemed down from last year, and band condx here on 40m were
really punk from home.  Fortunately, I grabbed a small shooter bottle of
Jack Daniels to set by the rig 'just in case'.  That turned out to really
help mitigate all the Auto-CQ periods :^)
I started from the home QTH 'RF Hole' on 40m and then switched to the Locust
Peak remote station for 80m.  I wasn't sure if I still had enough (solar)
battery power left up there to do the entire LQP remotely, but think 40m
would have been more productive via remote from the get-go.  The new
whiz-bang Ethernet remote battery monitor has arrived and hope to get it
installed in the next few weeks, along with the new wind turbine also in
hand to supplement battery juice fix needs during bad WX condx.
LQP Log Submissions go to 'lqp52logs at k6vva.com
<http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/3830> ' and I'll periodically
post a list of logs received by callsign every few days through the
submission deadline.
Hope to CU in the ARRL CW DX Contest from VP2VVA and/or before/after as
VP2V/K6VVA.  This is a short mini-trip 65th Birthday present to myself
primarly for the contest.
73 & Tnx for all the LQP Q's tonight...
Rick, K6VVA * The Locust
P.S. Oooops... 40m = 23 Q's, 80m = 25 Q's * Total = 48 Q's and a lot of CQ
LQP time.  Of course, I'm not eligible for any awards :^)


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