[3830] ARRL FD AE8M 1A QRP

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Thu Jul 2 19:17:19 PDT 2009

                    ARRL Field Day

Call: AE8M
Operator(s): AE8M W8QID N9SF WB9CIF
Station: AE8M

Class: 1A QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
   80:  107     32       
   40:  175     38       
   20:  110     18       
   15:   22     33       
   10:    2      7       
    6:           8       
Total:  416    136      0  Total Score = 4,840



The rig was an Elecraft K3 at 5 watts.  Antennas were 40M/80M fan dipole
(inverted V) with apex at 35 feet, 2 element tri-band beam at 28 feet for
20/15/10, and a 3 element yagi at 18 feet for 6M.  Other than blowing over the
6M beam Sunday morning (an inconsequential loss), the weather did not interrupt
setup or operating activities.

This was a fun event.  With 4 operators we were able to keep the rig on the air
at all times, and still have ample time for socializing among ourselves and
greeting the curious passerbys. 

We had no significant runs, but managed to scratch and claw out 20 to 30 Q's
per hour by S&P in all but 6 hours.  The number of SSB Q's was suprising with
the SSB Q's outnumbering the CW Q's on 15M and 10M.  The SSB success was even
more suprising considering that 3 of the 4 operators grumbled whenever
operating SSB was suggested.

Prior to the contest on Saturday morning, our 4 operators enjoyed a very
congenial breakfast with about 10 members of the Southwest Ohio DX Association.
 This group of accomplished DXers (from both sides of the pileups) seemed to
struggle with (perhaps even ridicule) our intention to operate Field Day as a
QRP station.  They even offered to loan us a 600 watt solid state amp which
they considered QRP.  We declined their generous offer, but in appreciation of
their breakfast hospitality, we merged their club name into our Field Day club

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