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Sun Jul 12 08:22:50 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: N2WN
Operator(s): N2WN
Station: N2WN

Class: SO CW QRP
QTH: grainger county
Operating Time (hrs): ~20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:   11             4        
   80:   34            17        
   40:  121            43        
   20:  203            62        
   15:   69            20        
   10:   23             4        
Total:  461     0     150       0  Total Score = 191,850

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Thought I had made a major mistake going QRP a couple hours into the contest.
Very rough time making anything happen, but things improved as the time

Had fun on 10M and very happy to add an all time new DXCC and State with
W1AW/KL7. They were BOOMING in and the only station heard at the time. Had a
feeling this might happen with some of the recent 6M posts and the way the band
was behaving. No EU opening as best I could tell...

15 was decent and was amazed at the wall to wall JAs... didn't hear my QRP
signal and it sorely tempted me to change to LP. Good signs of things to come!

20 was much better later in the day, was working 5 continents. Only Africa
seemed abnormally quiet with one DXCC worked and one other heard doing S&P.

40 was good, with several EU stations still quite loud at the end of the
contest. Missed a few zones here that would have been "easy" with 100W ;o) Nice
to hear many more VK stations than I have in a while.

80 was the big surprise. Worked many EU & SA HQ stations with few repeats with
a dipole who's apex is at about 45'. My compliments to the "ears" at those
stations. 160 and 80 were both a little noisy, no DX was heard on 160.

My compliments to The folks in Alaska and Hawaii on hosting ARRL and IARU. Job
well done! Wish I could have worked NU1AW/KH6 on more bands, but didn't seem
like conditions favored that direction, only one other KH6 heard...

Put in a lot more time to try and get the score up, much easier to do when you
don't feel like banging your head against the desk ;o)

Thanks all!


Elecraft K3 did a fine job....

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