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Sun Jul 12 10:46:48 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: AA4FU
Operator(s): AA4FU
Station: AA4FU

Class: SO CW LP
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    0     0       0       0
   80:  106     0      12      21
   40:  153     0      17      35
   20:  193     0      16      34
   15:   23     0       4       2
   10:    3     0       2       0
Total:  478     0      51      92  Total Score = 173,888

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


I had fewer QSOs than last year, but the multiplier total and the points per QSO
were both higher.  The first few hours were slow as Europe didn't open up for me
on 20m until the afternoon.  80m was noisy for the first couple of hours after
sunset, but the thunderstorms up in Virginia finally settled down around
midnight and 80 got very quiet.  Of course it was frustrating to hear a lot of
stations that couldn't hear me.  

Station is almost the same as the last few years.  Kenwood TS-570D with 3
80m - Cushcraft MA8040 Vertical
40m - Used both the MA8040 and my Cushcraft R-8 Vertical
20m - W6MMA YP-3 Yagi and the R-8
15m & 10m - R-8 Vertical

I normally use the R-8 exclusively on 40m CW, but I found the European stations
could hear me better with the MA8040 this year.  I added a few radials, so maybe
that helped.  The YP-3 was also a new addition this year, and helped pull out a
few more stations.

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