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Sun Jul 12 15:05:06 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: KJ5T
Operator(s): KJ5T
Station: KJ5T

Class: SO SSB LP
QTH: Meridian, TX
Operating Time (hrs): 14:30

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:   0       0      0       0
   80:   0       3      2       0
   40:   0      41      8      13
   20:   0     198     14      22
   15:   0      13      4       2
   10:   0       0      0       0
Total:   0     255     28      37  Total Score = 45,435

Club: Central Texas DX and Contest Club


This was my first "serious" effort in the SOLP category since 2005.  I operated
the contest from a station belonging to Humanitarian International Services
Group, a global non-profit organization.  The goals of this station are not for
contesting, but rather domestic and international disaster relief and
communications to benefit global humanitarian relief efforts.  However, it was
an excellent opportunity to try the station out and test it's capabilities.  I
have to say I had a great time operating from here, the rig is an IC-756ProIII
and the antennas consist of an A3S at 40ft as well as a G5RV at 40ft.  

Overall, I found band conditions on 20 and 15 to be about what I expected, not
too much activity on 15 from what I could hear with only the tri-bander and
nothing on 10 the few times I switched and tuned across that band.  The low
bands were very noisy and the G5RV at 40ft isn't the ideal antenna for trying
to work DX on 40 and 80 meters.  There were several mults I lost on 40 because
the DX just couldn't hear me.  As far as operating strategy, I have a lot of
work to do in the area of trying to decide when  to call CQ and when to run so
that rate evens out.  I probably spent far too much time calling CQ on 15
during the day and 40 later in the evening than I should have and I noticed
this after my QSO totals were about 250 short of what I wanted.  I also quit
operating about 4 hours earlier than I had anticipated as I was fairly tired
and knew I had some work to do today in the office and didn't want to be a
total Zombie as I have a very busy week coming up and needed to be ready for
that.  As far as station improvements, I doubt that much more work will be done
with this station.  The group has things where they want it, and it should serve
their purpose.  I will probably continue to use it in future contests until I
can get something else.  I think if anything the 40m add on would be

I look foreword to next year, no telling where I will be operating but this was
one I have enjoyed in the past and enjoyed over the weekend.

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