[3830] IARU W6YI M/S HP

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Mon Jul 13 08:58:56 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: W6YI
Operator(s): N6MJ, KL9A
Station: W6YI

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    17      1     5        2
   80:   189     18    17       13
   40:   505    484    32       36
   20:   591    831    38       49
   15:   250     46    20       25
   10:    27     17     6        2
Total:  1579   1397   118      127  Total Score = 1

Club: Southern California Contest Club



Our final score was 2,342,445.  This is a checklog because we made up our own
rules.  We have done a serious M/S before in this contest, but the 10 minute
rule makes it sooo boring.  

KL9A flew down from MT so we could operate this one together.  We will most
likely be a team in next years WRTC, so we figured there is no better contest
to practice opearating together than IARU.  

The M/S rules are too limiting, so we used WRTC rules instead.  We decided to
go ahead and use HP and use all the antennas avaiable since we are so far away
from EU.  We had 2 radios that were interlocked so we could only have 1
transmitted signal at any given time.  We used no packet or skimmer. 

Thanks to Dennis, N6KI for letting us borrow his K3.  Also thanks to John,
K6AM, for getting it all set up and working before we got there.  Neither of us
had used one before, but we wanted to try one out to see if we want to take it
to Russia next year.  I love my MK V, but it weighs 75 lbs or so inside the
pelcan case.  The K3 was definately a keeper.  It performed just as good, if
not better than the MKV.  We will definately try and track down a pair to take
with us.  

One highlight for me was 40ssb.  This is the 1st DX contest that I have done
since they changed the JA bandplan so they could work up to 7200.  I started to
warm up a freq around 1130z before the contest, and immediately had a big JA
pileup.  The pileup carried over into the contest, and I ended up with 150 q's
in the first 45 minutes on 40ssb.. mostly JA's.  That was alot of fun!!  We
kept going back to 40ssb Saturday night and there were endless JA callers. 
Also, the 20m opening over the pole to EU saturnday night was just amazing. 
The band was super quiet, and the EU stations were really loud. 

We only set 1 goal for the weekend, and that was to make 3000 q's.  We came
pretty close, finishing with 2976.  

Thanks to Jim, W6YI for his great hospitality, and keeping us well fed for the
entire contest.  

Dan N6MJ & Chris KL9A

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