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Mon Jul 13 14:00:01 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: WR1Q
Operator(s): WR1Q
Station: WR1Q

Class: SO SSB LP
QTH: Rio Rancho, NM
Operating Time (hrs): .5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
   20:          9      3         
Total:   0      3      3        0  Total Score = 64

Club: Short Mountain Repeater Club


I recently received the replacement parts for the Super Antenna YP-3 portable
3-element 20-6M yagi that had experienced some damage from a "gravity spike."
While in Rio Rancho, NM on business, I had a couple of hours free to set up,
operate, and tear down a portable station atop the highest summit at the City
Center in Rio Rancho to work the IARU. The wind was everything from completely
stagnant to a moderate 15 mph, and special care was administered to prevent any
further "gravity spikes" with lots of attention spend on securing of the
antenna. The yagi was fixed at a stable and safe height of 20 feet.

The antenna faced the NE direction and I was happy to hear several east coast
stations within seconds of hooking up the rig, and a quick scan of the dial on
20 meters resulted in the 9 qso's before knowing it was time to get back to

Hopefully while Im away from the home QTH I will be able to continue performing
as a portable station in various areas of the US on behalf of the SMRC. 73's!

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