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Mon Jul 13 15:01:07 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: OH0R
Operator(s): OH2PM
Station: OH0R

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: Aland Is
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    83            7       25
   80:   327           15       33
   40:   416           25       33
   20:  1082           39       31
   15:   590           21       33
   10:   320            5       24
Total:  2828    0     112      179  Total Score = 2,819,208

Club: Contest Club Finland


This is the 51st year in my amateur radio and contesting career. Contesting at
this age still tastes great. The first contest of the 50-year aniversary was
WPX CW at TC4X. I it looks like that I managed to break my personal records in
both of them. The chalenge is to do the same during the autumn season. 
I made a major improvement in the shack just before the contest, I namely
changed the black curtain of the large window to a light grey one. That lowered
the room temperature on a sunny day by about 10 deg and helped me to keep alert
all the time except the last hour which produced only one thrid of the QSOs of
the first hour. This time there was no antenna work or tower climbing before
the contest and actually the weather was too good for that.
Unfortunately there was not enouhg time to get the SO2R fully operational with
the station computer and I decided to run SO1R with my old laptop and TR. The
same computer that has been in use over 10 years when operating outside the
home QTHs in OH or OH0. 
The lack of SO2R can be seen as relatively low multiplier number on some bands.
I was lucky enough to have a look at 15 meter band after 18z just when there was
a kind of opening to North America. Only EU-stations were heart on 10 meters.
The band condions went up and down all the time the temptation to move to an
other band was high because of of low rate.
The two multipliers on 160 from southern America were refreshing but I lost all
the Asian multipliers on 160 as trade-off to a 40 meter pile-up. The dark or
dawn hours are really short here at 60 deg north and you just cannot win them
all without SO2R.
Now when back at the OH-QTH in Salo I have fully recovered from the 24 hour
CW-bath, but right after the contest I must have been a terrifying sight. The
XYL asked me to say my name, at first I considered OH0R but after after a while
spelled out my full name but slowly. The learning is that at the age close to 70
one can no more do many things simultaneously but is still able to translate
Morse code to keybord ABC reasonably by the backbone. 
See you all in the next contests to come and many thanks to all of you for the
QSOs, Pertti, OH2PM/OH0R

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