[3830] IARU ED5T(@EA5ELT) M/S HP

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Tue Jul 14 00:16:46 PDT 2009

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: ED5T
Operator(s): EA5DF, EA5GS, EA5KV, EA5ON, EB5EKT, EB5HTC
Station: EA5ELT

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Torrent
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
Total:   0     2784   287       0  Total Score = 2,597,637



For the first time in the TCCs short history, for this contest we were not faced
with any immediate technical issues and were able to concentrate a bit on
strategy and operating. The only novelty incorporated into the station since
the King of Spain two weeks ago was the change from the Acom 1000 to the SPE
expert. Vic quickly paired the amp up to the antennas in the two hours before
the contest and during the whole contest the amp did not flinch. It’s
doesn’t give as much power as the Acom but it ran anywhere between 600 to 900
watts so no real problem. I won’t say it ran cool, since it only runs about
10ºC cooler than the Acom, but any heat reduction in the shack in July is

Compared to our plagued effort in IARU 2008, where we were unable to operate HP
on 20m and had to use our 80m delta loop on 40, this year everything ran
perfectly, except the PC which froze on us a few hours into the contest. We
reckoned it was probably feeling the heat like the rest of us, so we gave it
the same treatment as the ops: took off its covers and stuck a fan in front it!
It liked that a whole lot better. 

Although hardware wise we were better off, we sure missed the CW expertise of
EC5KXA, Dave was the one who nursed us through IARU last year and we sure could
have done with him this year. Toni EA5DF has come on a lot in the last few
months but it still took us six ears to do most of the CW work and we hardly
did any running at all in this mode.

Our aim this year was to equal the top European score of last year, to do that
we would need 3000 QSOs and 301 multipliers. We fell a little short but taking
everything into consideration we feel we did very well. Congratulations to the
RK4FWK and UZ2M team who have put in absolutely amazing claimed scores.

Now, time to take stock and see where we can improve for our next test. 

Photos will be available when we have time to post them, at the Torrent Contest
Club website  http://ea5kv.ure.es 

Equipment: FT2000 + SPE expert
Antennas: Optibeam OB11-3, Rotary 40m dipole, bazookas for 80 and 160m
The antennas on T2 were not used for this contest

73 de Duncan EA5ON for the ED5T team @ EA5ELT

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