[3830] RRTC - 2009.

brian coyne g4odv at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 21 01:05:07 PDT 2009

C4Z - (op 5B4AIZ)
Class:  SO - Low Power -  CW  only. All Bands.
Operating Time (hrs): 8
Club - Chiltern DX Club.
Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones   Mults
160     0:
  80:   0
  40:   10  
  20:   188  
  15:   206  
  10:   131
Total:  535                             68          Total Score 130,000.
This is an approx raw score as my logging prog missed a few mlts, so it could be a few more or less.
This event was well supported by eu, I hope it has given the RRTC Committee valuable info and experiences for running the WRTC next year from these sites and with this format.
There maybe an issue with the Contest Log Robot, as my log, and at least one other op I know have had our logs rejected for reasons which have never arisen with submission to other contesting bodies, and we have not yet been able to resolve them. Unfortunate for the committe who were requsting log submission with 4 hours of the contest end. Frustrating too for us, having put in 8 hours effort which may now come to nothing if we cannot submit an entry.
73  Brian  5B4AIZ  (C4Z).


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