[3830] CQWW VHF OK1KIM(@OK1KIM/OL4A) Multi-Op HP

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Wed Jul 22 00:32:44 PDT 2009

                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: OK1KIM
Station: OK1KIM/OL4A

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Lesna
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  393    83
    2:  152    78
Total:  545   161  Total Score = 150,535



This year was strange - our 2m antenna farm was NONEXISTENT after this winter,
and we were somehow :burned out: and the partial reconstructions went real
slow. But in July we had already 4x19+4x14+6x8+4x6+1x13+1x10 - compare to last
year - "nothing". Extremely sad view was on the top of our 50m tower - nothing
there ! We participated in "July" contest with surprisingly decent score (928
QSO @370 km). 
The intent was to forget CQWW WHF this year however about 5 days prior to
contest our 6m guru OK1DO phoned and said are we going to be in CQWW this year
- I am looking to it. So we said OK, let's make it a more of a social gathering
than a contest once more. A pig + a keg of beer was bought...... Finally over 20
people arrived on the hill but it was very HARD to force someone to operate,
there were long periods with no-one behind the radio.

This year should be the last one with 6m mega MW TV station on the air. It is
one of the last analog TXes on the air and it should close down FINALLY on
Dec.30 this year. 6m in the whole of Europe is going to be something ELSE.

Again we are "improving" our worst ever from last year. Almost no contest
activity outside of Czech activity contest in Sunday morning. It gave us
228QSOs (58%). We gave out Meteors this year - last year OK1DFC managed to work
8 QSOs - he was in his microwave EME expedition in E7 this year and no one was
keen enough to give it a try.
Second year in a row with absolutely no elevated conditions on 2m. Our longest
QSO only 865 kms and only 7 QSOs above 800 km. Only lousy 151067 EU style km
points @384 km. 
6m was not so horrible this year there was twice short Es opening to Great
Britain and once to EA/southern France so at least something came through the
The propagation was so bad, all the beer was drunk (already during night) that
in 1430 Z we said ENOUGH and packed up and went home.

Once more from our point of view lousy score but once more I do believe more
than enough for the world top spot.

73 !


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