[3830] IOTA K7IA SO12CW HP

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Sun Jul 26 15:34:24 PDT 2009

                    IOTA Contest

Call: K7IA
Operator(s): K7IA
Station: K7IA

Class: SO12CW HP
QTH: SW New Mexico
Operating Time (hrs): 10:12

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   80:    1       1                 
   40:   53      26                 
   20:  147      36                 
Total:  201      63       0        0  Total Score = 91,665



Thanks to Elecraft's superb support, I received parts (on warranty) to replace
the 100 watt power amp module and supporting board & connector that went West
in last weekend's NAQP RTTY.  So the K3 was "new" for the IOTA, but band
conditions were not.  Twenty was loaded with QRN from T-storms that were
apparently everywhere, and if that weren't enough, there was long and deep QSB
that took out much of North America.  Skip to EU was poor throughout.  It was
especially bad on Saturday evening/night local time.  I heard many copyable EU
stations (handing out IOTA mults, of course), but they couldn't hear me, call
after call after call.  I suspect high absorption over the pole was to blame.

Forty was noisy until well after local sundown.  After it quieted down a bit it
was easier to work some of the many EU stations.  But it was never really very
quiet, even for summer condx.

I checked 15 meters often but heard nothing, and checked 10 once and wondered
why I did.

Most satisfying contact was AM4G on 80 meters, the only station I heard on 80
and who answered my first call.  Nice surprise!  I heard and worked a few AS
stations but only one AF and ZERO South American stations, another surprise.

Many thanks to all of the ops who activated islands, whether or not their
islands were large or small!  Now let my geography lesson begin as I study the
IOTA island numbers and locations in yesterday's new collection!

Always an optimist, I'm hopeful for better condx for next weekend's NAQP CW!

Dan k7ia

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