[3830] IOTA 9A/VE3ZIK SO12Mixed LP

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Thu Jul 30 12:10:26 PDT 2009

                    IOTA Contest

Call: 9A/VE3ZIK
Operator(s): VE3ZIK
Station: 9A/VE3ZIK

Class: SO12Mixed LP
QTH: Hrid Kukuljar, EU170
Operating Time (hrs): 11

 Band  CW Qs  CW Mults  Ph Qs  Ph Mults
   80:   37      11       10       6
   40:  209      22       64      19
   20:   97      19       17      10
   15:   30      10       32      13
   10:  126      22      154      22
Total:  499      82      277      70  Total Score = 881,496

Club: Croatian Contest Club


Day 4 after IOTA Contest. Originally plan was to be active all 24h SOAB LP DXPN
category BUT...
we are going from the beggining. After some discussion with Rolando, 9A3MRm he
suggested me there is a small reef name Kukuljar, not far away from Murter
Island (Murter is not counting for IOTA). After small excursion 3 days before
the contest, I decided to be QRV from Hrid Kukuljar. References:
The island is very small, reach only with boat. 
We (me and my XYL) arrived at Friday evening. Just put some kind of inv vee
dipole to test an equipment. 
Saturday morning was day D. We erected L/4 Verticals for 40, 20 and 10m. For
15m and 80m band I used an half wave dipole antennas. All antennas was erected
on fiberglass masts (7m, 12.5m and 15m).
Before the contest, 10m was open, and I decided to start on 10m. 
What a good decision! 3 hours, 280 QSOs, 44 MTPL on CW & SSB. 10m lives...
After 8 hours first problems with power generator, and I was almost 45 minutes
QRT (later will be a bad decision not to wait 15 more minutes). 
Generator was gone at 22:15 UTC. I have some battery, but what to do? I had
only 1h and 45 minutes left for 12h category, but, I planned to be active 24h
and most of time I called CQ :-)
Rest of 1h and 45m I tried to collect as more as I can multipliers.

Early in the morning, wind war even stronger and stronger, and 9A3MR Rolando
took us from the Kukuljar Reef.

I an preety sure, if generator was capable to produce 220V, I could work 1300
or 1400 QSOs.

I am not dissapointed. This was a really DXPN, no appartments, no air
condition, no water, NOTHING on the island except a small house from the old
Lighthouse. And some kind of gray grasshoppers. :-)
This IOTA DXPN was a great expirience for me.

Thanks to:
- my wife Zaklina because she was 2 days with me, she help about antennas, food
and everything what I need for this DXPN;
- 9A3MR Rolando for transportation;
- 9A3MA for a generator (next year this generator will work all 24 hours, HI)

and all IOTA STN who made a quick QSY to work some more MTPL (especially
9A5ST/p and 9A8ZRS).

See you in IOTA 2010, I hope from Kukuljar, and I preety hope with some Multi
Op team :)

73, Zik VE3ZIK

pos. QSL will be sure via the bureau 100% via DO7ZZ...

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