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Thu Jul 30 21:05:38 PDT 2009

                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - July 31

Call: K0DXC
Operator(s): K0DXC
Station: K0DXC

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Jackson, OH
Operating Time (hrs): 0.5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:  10      6
   40:  25     12
   20:  35     15
Total:  70     33  Total Score = 2,310

Club: North Coast Contesters


Antenna: 80M 1/2 wave dipole @ approx. 30 feet
Software: Win-Test

Op time:
80: 13 minutes
40: 12 minutes
20: 5 minutes
Total = 30 minutes

70 QSOs! My mult count was down this week (last week I had 35, I think) but my
Q count jumped up! 

20 meters was HOT! I was averaging 2 or 3 Q's per minute on 20 the whole time.
Top rate on 20 was 202 / hour for 10 QSOs! Lots of short and long skip. I even
heard Hal, W1NN on 20 but he couldn't hear me.

40 wasn't as good as 20, but it wasn't bad either. Top 40 meter rate was 193 /
hour for 10 QSOs. 

After 7 minutes of being on 40 meters I noticed that the SWR was 2.5 - I had
tuned it 7 minutes earlier to "0"! Then I took off my headphones and heard the
HUGE winds and rain splattering off the house! The sensitive ladder line must
have taken a beating and de-tuned itself... Heck, the dipole could be laying in
the grass for all I know! 

I had to stop and re-tune (manually tune)the dipole every minute for the rest
of the contest. This was annoying and I probably could have done even better if
it stayed flat!

80 meters was bad. S9 + 10 noise the whole time. Storm made it tough to hear
stations, but I used my ears and pulled them out of the noise. Top rate on 80
meters was only 152 / hour for 10 QSOs. (The only 10 QSOs I made on 80)!

I only worked 6 mults on 80. I heard many more stations but they just couldn't
hear me. If you remember, please send me an email with how loud I was on 80.
I'd appreciate it.

I REALLY need to make a RECORDING of the NSL next week! If I make another 60+
(or 70+ :O ) week I'd like to capture it! 

DanWa has some mad skills making 70 Qs (a few weeks ago) paper logging. I
barely did it with a comfuzer!

I joined in on the 3615 chat after NSL tonight. Anyone is welcome, but I only
heard N3SD, K8MM, and K4RO tonight. K4RO told me I was going to be scary when I
get a beam up! (Won't happen until I move out though).

I'm still worried about NAQP this weekend.... I'm not confident at all in my
signal on 80 and 160. 80 might be "OK" but I'm really WORRIED about 160. I need
to get a ground rod in for my DX-B tomorrow so it starts working "right" again
on top band. Problem is that it's almost impossible to pound a copper pipe into
the clay / rock "soil" here in SE Ohio! When I borrowed a sledgehammer from a
neighbor ham and told him what I intended to do with it (pound in a ground
rod); he laughed and said, "GOOD LUCK!"

I also have 15 more 1/4 wave 40 meter radials that I need to get put down for
my 6BTV before the party starts.

I have my station set up for SO2R and I plan on using it in NAQP. I don't have
any filtering though so the second radio will almost be useless when I am
transmitting - but it should be good for checking for band openings and moving

I really CAN'T WAIT until the "real" sprint in September! Hopefully this NSL
stuff has helped me get better!

BTW, I worked N2NT in NJ tonight! Now K1TN isn't the only one! Jim, your new
4BTV was putting out a decent signal here tonight on 20 and 40. I heard you FB.
Keep it up!

I hope to work all you guys in the NAQP on Saturday. CU tomorrow in the NAQP
practice session, Saturday in the real thing, and next Thursday in the last
week of NSL 2009!

It's definitely been fun!

Cal (KID), K0DXC
NS Addict and advocate

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