[3830] WPX CW 6W1SJ(E78A) SOSB20 HP

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Mon Jun 1 07:41:08 PDT 2009

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: 6W1SJ
Operator(s): E78A
Station: 6W1SJ

Class: SOSB20 HP
QTH: Dakar
Operating Time (hrs): 35.2

 Band  QSOs
   20: 2536
Total: 2536  Prefixes = 939  Total Score = 7,098,840

Club: BHCC


Had a major voltage surge (480VAC !!!) just a day before the contest. Not mine,
or "Thee" fault ... well, I think my house mate (non-HAM) could end up with
both legs broken eventually.
However, some equipment got fried, but luckily radio and amp survived with some
blown fuses. Spent a day after to change the fuses (28+4 screws to get inside
the ACOM - HI!!!), change radios power supply (previous one was melted) then
rewire the shack, and I was back on air.

First day late start from 06,00 UTC was good, but around noon (GMT) the band
went almost dead. Guess most of the guys went upwards to 15 and 10. 
But, just before sunset, the band opened again with great openings to eu and
states. Finishing the day at 02 UTC with 1610 QSOs in the log.

Second day, and after 4&1/2 hrs of break, ... run really slowed down just
before the noon, and it was very tiring to work with 20 QSO/h for few hours.
When band opened again, I was already tired having difficulties running 
sometimes huge pile-up. At the times, for me it sounded that I'm running like
300/h, but it was just around 100 reported by N1MM logger :-(

Although the result looks fine, I am sure I could have done a bit better. Did a
bad rest times schedule this time, and lost at least 100 QSOs, but it was FUN!


ICOM 756proIII
Acom 2000A
Spiderbeam at 50 ft (rotated manually)

CU in WW

Jovica, 6W1SJ (hc E78A)

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