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Wed Jun 3 20:54:58 PDT 2009

                    CQWW WPX Contest, CW

Call: NW3DC
Operator(s): W3DQ
Station: NW3DC

Class: SO(A)AB(TS) HP
QTH: Washington, DC
Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs
  160:    3
   40:   74
   20:   28
Total:  105  Prefixes = 94  Total Score = 25,568

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


The advantage for operators in a Multi-One effort is that everyone can operate
and participate in family events. That was what W2CDO and I had planned. Due to
an injury Saturday morning, Peter was unable to join me.  The result is that I
ended up in the assisted category (which I wouldn't have otherwise entered),
and the QSO numbers are not the expected ones for in Single Op entry.

That being said, my one night(Friday), mostly on 40m, was not terribly
productive. The (noise generating) storms didn't help. The 40m half-square that
is too high -- it's a cloud-warmer, not a DX antenna. I put in a couple of
relatively un-productive mid-morning hours on Saturday, which made this outing
somewhat less than fun. Fortunately, everything inside the shack worked,
although it's time to re-work the ergonomics. 

Most interesting was watching GetScores. What a *wonderful* resource. I watched
fellow PVRCers with similar stations to see how they were doing.  One station in
particular had fewer QSOs, but was clearly working far more DX, as his point
score was consistently higher than mine. 

GetScores did not tell me where he was. It didn't give away any secrets. You
have to have some knowledge of the other station, operator, antennas and QTH to
figure figure out where he is (he and) and what he's doing. In this case, I
didn't hear him on the band I was on, but knew the operator and station well
enough to have figured that out. GetScores is a great but grossly underutilized
resource. Try it next time!

Eric W3DQ (@NW3DC)
Washington, DC

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