[3830] WVQP N8Q/M MobileMixed QRP

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Sun Jun 21 08:08:45 PDT 2009

                    West Virginia QSO Party

Call: N8Q/M
Operator(s): N2WN, RITA (SSB)
Station: N8Q/M

Class: MobileMixed QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 6+

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
Total:  205     12  Mults = 122  Total Score = 7,300

Club: Tennessee Contest Group


Well Murphy rode shotgun with us from the get go... I had a problem with N1MM
due to operator error, it still thought I was in Tn versus WV (sorry to the
pileup) had to reboot the logger. Problem solved and we moved along. Weren't in
WAY very long, MGO was a bit tougher due to the terrain and conditions did not
seem all that great. Things improved thru LOG and BOO with more QSOs.

In BOO, I accidentally shut the vehicle off (was running it for air
conditioning) and went to start, got a loud "THUNK" then nothing. Battery
seemed fine, so we kept working for a few minutes. I drive a standard, so
figured I could get it started. Rita doesn't so trying to get it started was
not going well. A young couple from WV stopped and helped and off we went
(Thanks OHIO!) We went to LIN next and made sure to stop on a slope, wanted to
see if it was something simple. It wouldn't start, so did the ol' roll start.
Drove into Charleston It was pushing 4PM looking for, at least, an auto parts
store. Found one. They tell me the starter is probably gone. I'm thinking it's
the relay (which they didn't have) and the nearest place open that had one was
a half hour drive in the wrong direction. I gamble and pull the starter in the
90+ degree parking lot. It's no fun pulling a Tacoma starter. Well need to "be
sure" so have them check it. It works like a champ. S**T! Well it went in much
easier than it came out. I ask him to call and make sure the other place has
the relay. He suggests trying to jump start our truck, and we try. VROOOM!
Battery had gone south and only put out like 15A. New battery we're back on the
road... three hours later.

Rita has been calling her heart out on SSB while I drive from county to county.
Thank you very much to those who had patience (Thanks Rick WB8JUI) and our
apologies to the couple of folks lost as we rounded a mountain. Rita would get
excited when someone would call, mostly because she wasn't hearing too well.
She managed 12 QSOs and wasn't completely turned off. I let her listen to the
CW pileups near the end, and she asked how can you pick anything out of the
mess :o)

WIR was our best county, we almost didn't go, but Rita insisted and found a
nice spot high up. Nice to work DL3DXX and UA3AGW a couple times. Didn't hear
CU2JT who's usually a regular.

we did manage a couple in-state QSOs and one mobile. Wonder what happened to
W8V, as I didn't see any reports of QSO with Kyle.

Many many thanks to the QSO Party regulars and the TCG folks who showed up in

We'll be doing a card for N8Q, SASE please. All contacts will be uploaded by
county to LOTW when we get back to Tn.

Thanks All it was loads of fun, even with Murphy along for the ride.

Elecraft K3 with ATU and a three pack of Hustlers (tried 10, 15 and 80/75 for 0
QSOs, this was definitely a two band contest for us)

Rita and Julius

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