[3830] All Asian CW EI2CN SOAB HP

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Mon Jun 22 01:35:24 PDT 2009

                    All Asian DX Contest, CW

Call: EI2CN
Operator(s): EI2CN
Station: EI2CN

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: Ireland
Operating Time (hrs): 16

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   20:  409   117
   15:   28    21
   10:    6     5
Total:  447   143  Total Score = 63,921



The rules for log submission seem to require a lawyer to decipher.   I am
disappointed not to be just able to submit a cabrillo log as is the case for
most contests.   So I may not bother and perhaps I will not enter the SSB
contest or future AA tests.

Otherwise this is a really enjoyable test.   I put in around twenty-two hours
getting my sleep at night, managing to take a walk each day and even visiting a
friend.   I do not know how Win-Test only calculates sixteen hours of activity.

The highlight was working EZ7A for a new one!   I like concdntrating on Asia
from EI which is about as far from Asia as one can get in Europe.   Ignore the
EU and W stations just concentrate on Asia.   Well most of the time it pays to
keep the beam on Japan as this is the center of activity but there were a good
number of other Asian stations participating.  

Perhaps somehow I can figure a way to easily submit my log.

              Thanks Doug EI2CN

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