[3830] SAC SSB SJ2W M/S HP

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Mon Sep 28 13:01:51 PDT 2009

                    Scandinavian Activity Contest, SSB

Call: SJ2W
Operator(s): SM2LIY, SM2WMV, SM3JLA, SE2T, SA2AWO
Station: SJ2W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Da Traesk
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  QSOs  Mults
Total: 1427   175  Total Score = 577,325

Club: Top of Europe Contesters


We did take part a bit in the SAC SSB contest to give out some points for
Sweden. SM2LIY did probably 90% of the operating while me and SM3JLA were
trying to get the 4-1000A amp to run on 160m (we succeeded) and did do outside
work during the day, to hopefully get the station "ready" before the winter.
SE2T showed up on Sunday to help out with the work outside and did operate a
few qsos while SM2LIY was eating. SA2AWO & Co showed up on Saturday evening and
did relief SM2LIY a bit when he did eat.

80M: 4SQ
40M: Vert
20M: 3el yagi
15M: The 40m vert
10M: 6/6el yagi

Cu in CQWW SSB hopefully with improved hardware!


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