[3830] IARU LZ9W M/S HP

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Wed Aug 4 22:46:32 PDT 2010

                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: LZ9W
Operator(s): OK1FDR,OK4PA,OK7MT
Station: LZ9W

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:    28     0      2       22
   80:    27    15     10       25
   40:   378     0     22       38
   20:   816   503     41       44
   15:   411   274     33       36
   10:    21    13      6       10
Total:  1681   805    114      175  Total Score = 2,273,852



A group of OK hams made a visit to the famous LZ9W clubstation for 2010 IARU

Many things turned out to be different than initially planned, however it
became a great experience and wonderful trip for all participants.
Initially, when we discussed the arrangement of our stay with Krassy LZ1ZD and
Wally LZ2CJ, up to five operators were supposed to do the trip and run with a
car (specially prepared for this occasion) to Breznik in the middle of the week
prior the contest. One of them early had to cancel this trip due to health
problems, the other one realized just few days prior departure that his son is
going to be graduated, so he is supposed to stay at home for the celebration
and he would fly to Sofia later on Friday, just before the contest weekend, to
join the rest of the group. 
When OK1XQ realized on Wednesday morning that his car workshop was subject to a
robbery and he had to stay at home as well, we left just two with Pavel OK4PA,
with no car ready, no plans and just a little of courage. But since both of us
desperately needed some rest from our daily work and we both were looking for
some change, decision was clear: let's go!
The trend was already set, so it was not surprise our way to Breznik was full
of unforgettable moments: my car failed on the highway when I was moving my
things to Pavel's QTH, one truck almost smashed us on the highway just when we
left the home, we hit a sign someone intentionaly put in the middle of the
road, we were fighting with the GPS navigation which stucked from time to time
and as a result we also made unplanned trip through Budapest, we perfectly
chosen always the slowest queue on the border crossing etc. Finally, after some
1200+ km and 20+ hours, sleepy and tired, we reached the town of Breznik and
Bardoto hotel, thanks to tremendous antenna systems of LZ9W, which are clearly
visible from a long distance.

Then the rest of the story was just simple - we enjoyed the great and warm
hospitality from our hosts at both LZ9W station and Bardoto hotel. On Friday,
we met with many of LZ9W members, who spent hours and hours to prepare
everything on their super station for our try in IARU contest. At the end, the
full M/M setup (6 operating positions) of LZ9W was ready for us so we could
play our "round-robin" game to enjoy the contest from other part of the world
and with antenna systems, we have never used before.
I'm affraid our hosts must be a little bit dissapointed with our final score,
which definitely doesn't reflect the potential of this station. We have tried
our best to get some high score, but obviously made many mistakes in tactics,
so we lost many of easy multipliers and the total number of Q's is probably
also lower than it should be. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed the contest and the
whole stay at LZ9W. Again, our big thanks to Wally, Krassy and the whole LZ9W
team for all their hospitality and help; we really like their approach to

This was my first visit to Bulgaria, and I believe it was not the last one.


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