[3830] NAQP CW WA7BNM Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 8 09:36:56 PDT 2010

                    North American QSO Party, CW - August

Call: WA7BNM
Operator(s): WA7BNM
Station: WA7BNM

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 3

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:   1     1
   10:   1     1
Total:   2     2  Total Score = 4

Club: Southern California Contest Club



Thought I'd temporarily hook up a transceiver in my torn-apart shack to get on
the air for this contest. Thought I had two working antennas - one for 40m and
one for 10m, but found I really only had one - for 10m. My one 40m Q was the
result of great ears by the other op, since power out was reduced to about a
watt by the high SWR on my 40m antenna. 10m Q resulted from CQing into a dead
band. Much work to be done to really get back on the air.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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