[3830] WAE CW WB8JUI Single Op LP

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Sun Aug 15 16:36:47 PDT 2010

                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: WB8JUI
Operator(s): WB8JUI
Station: WB8JUI

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Bellevue, Ohio
Operating Time (hrs): ~6.5

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   40:   23    15    33
   20:  149   155    72
   15:   11    10    14
Total:  182   180   119  Total Score = 43,078

Club: Mad River Radio Club


Another busy weekend with limited time to play.  In retrospect, I should have
played more Saturday and tended to my "other duties as required" on Sunday.  20
was only fair Saturday and down right terrible on Sunday.  40 was very noisy,
and I didn't hear a dit or dah out of Europe (other than static) on 80.

In spite of the poor conditions, I had a blast.  I'm getting much more
comfortable with the QTCs and no longer panic and fumble around with the keys
when they are requested.

Thanks to all for the QSOs.  Special thanks to those worked earlier in the
contest who came back later with QTC requests.  Nice to only have 2 left on the

73 - Rick WB8JUI

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