[3830] ARRL RR W1WBB Non-Rookie LP

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Sun Aug 15 17:58:48 PDT 2010

                    ARRL Rookie Roundup - SSB

Call: W1WBB
Operator(s): W1WBB
Station: W1WBB

Class: Non-Rookie LP
Operating Time (hrs): 1:15

 Band  QSOs
   40:   5
   20:  10
Total:  15  Mults = 8  Total Score = 240

Club: CT RI Contest Group


Handed out a few contacts to the Rookies on SSB in-between operating in the
Worked All Europe DX contest on CW.

Activity in R/R seemed a bit less than during April 2010 but I spent much less
time on-air this time.   Conditions on 20m seemed OK to the Southeast US in
first hour from here in New England...6 of 15 QSOs were with the state of
Georgia!  Not much else from other areas heard.  Conditions to Europe were very
good on 20m.  Forty meters was not too noisy early.

My last QSO was with young op Edward KJ4NRN...he was running the frequency like
a veteran!

I'll look forward to making more contacts on favorite mode CW in future R/R. 
Hope the Rookies and non-Rookies had fun and learned a few things without the
logging/scoring hassles of last April. 

-Icom 737, MFJ-929 Auto-Tuner
-88' Doublet up @ 50' used as Extended Double Zepp on 20m (broadside to SW/NE)
-Off-center fed Dipole at < 30' for 40m
-N1MM logging software

Bill W1WBB

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