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Sun Aug 29 08:34:44 PDT 2010

                    SCC RTTY Championship

Call: IT9VDQ
Operator(s): IT9VDQ
Station: IT9VDQ

Class: SOAB(A) HP
QTH: M.Pellegrino @480asl
Operating Time (hrs): 12,40

 Band  QSOs  Pts   Mults
   20:  412   938    0
   15:  268   579    0
   10:   44    91    0
Total:  724  1608    0  Total Score = 10

Club: ARIPA DX Team


Bad situation - just starting contest with N1MM and first bug found: dont accept
year 1982; going on and changing band, N1MM reject qso's already worked on
others bands with a software crash; so, starting 3 contest 'sections' for 20m,
15m and 10m separately (merged after contest)! Bugs solved in the nigth by N1MM
staff (thanks Guys). At the end of the contest I realize that QSO's and POINT's
are ok BUT Section's and TOTAL-SCORE are incorrect!!!!!!! I hope that SCC RTTY
Commitee will recalculate it!!!!!
By the way, good propagation on 20m with a nice USA pile up, good on 15m with
several JA station, bad on 10m.....

Thanks to Joe IT9BLB for our 'IR9Y location' use.....

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