[3830] HiQP N6WM SO Mixed HP

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Sun Aug 29 20:00:06 PDT 2010

                    Hawaii QSO Party

Call: N6WM
Operator(s): N6WM
Station: N6WM

Class: SO Mixed HP
QTH: Brentwood, CA
Operating Time (hrs): 2.5

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  RTTY Qs  PSK31 Qs  Mults
   80:   2       2                         2
   40:   3       7                         4
   20:   3      13      1                  5
Total:   8      22      1         0       11  Total Score = 1,386

Club: Northern California Contest Club


Spent all Saturday on the road to Nevada and back to pick up a new 20 meter
monobander for K6LRG, when I got home, heard the stations out there coming in
to the bay area FB as they usually do, so decided to try and catch up with as
many as I could from the home qth, Not alot calling on CW or RTTY, NH7O and
KH6J were there on cw though, with nice sigs.  Thanks to KH7Y for allowing me
to move you to different modes and bands, and looking at your post, Nice QSO

All in all, a nice way to wind down from a long day trip.

73 and Aloha!

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