[3830] OhQP K8T(@WA3C) Multi-Op HP

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Mon Aug 30 12:44:26 PDT 2010

                    Ohio QSO Party

Call: K8T
Operator(s): AD8J, WA3C, W3NO
Station: WA3C

Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:  188    281
   40:  261    162
   20:   87    112
   15:    0      0
   10:    0      0
Total:  536    555  CW Mults = 108  Ph Mults = 126  Total Score = 380,718

Club: Mad River Radio Club


We wanted to beat our score from last year and break the Multi-op record.  Our
total number of contacts was down considerably but we had a lot more mults.
However the total score was still way short. We had problems with the networked
computers that resulted in very choppy CW and some off time trying to correct
it.  Two of the operators ended up having to send CW by hand much of the time. 
The 40 meter station couldn't connect to the network at all so we just merged
that log at the end.  75/80 meters was a lifesaver and we had a station there
for the full 12 hours.  40 meters started off long and then changed to allow us
to work other Ohio counties.  The 20 meter operator had to leave after 6 hours
due to a family emergency. Luckly he had worked most of the western mults
before he left.  We listened to 15 a few times but never heard a signal. We
manged to work WAS and all the counties except for ERIE, HARD and PICK.  We had
lots of antennas but the best ones were the 75/80 meter 4-square and a 40 meter
dipole 20' off the ground.  There is always next year!

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