[3830] ARRL 160 VE3CV Single Op LP

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Sun Dec 5 07:52:09 PST 2010

                    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: VE3CV
Operator(s): VE3CV
Station: VE3CV

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Varna
Operating Time (hrs): 15

Total:  QSOs = 335  Sections = 76  Countries = 13  Total Score = 53,428

Club: Contest Club Ontario


I can't believe how much noise a constant snow squall of Lake Huron can cause! 
Friday night it reached 30 over S9 at times on both antennas!  I had a new
temporary Beverage pointed north that was useless for DX because there was
almost none heard.  Saturday night the snow stopped and noise was the more
usual S2-3.  Heard the DX but they couldn't hear my 100W. No surprise. 
Conditions for the most part were not great to EU.  Heard KH6 and KL7 in deep
QSB on Saturday AM but it was not mutual.  Did manage ON4UN, E77DX and EI2CN
across the pond, but missed a lot that were coming in strong. HI3TEJ must have
had local QRN because all other Caribbean stations usually came back with one
call (ZF, P4, VP5, KP2, VP2M,PJ2,XE).  Bummer working VE5 and getting the AB
Section report.  Keeping us on our toes I guess.

I'll second VE9AA's comment about the Big Guns running in the DX window!
I kept getting called by W's while calling DX stations in the window.

I think N1MM needs to rework the score summary window.  It says I worked 76
Sections - great! But the Mult window shows I only worked 66 and my log shows I
worked 13 countries including VE and W.  So I guess is counts countries as
sections.  That would make 79, less VE and K would be 77 and I worked 2 C6's so
less one C6 = 76.  I would be nice if they could break out countries and

The doublet above my steel roof at 50ft is working great! I added 6 more
radials (total 11 1/4wave)and was heard almost every time with 1 or 2 calls. 
So much better than before on LP.

Great contest as usual with lots of stations and some semblance of top band
civility when completing difficult contacts with DX stations. Did all S&P.  
Thanks for the Q's and will look for you in the CQ160.

Jeff VE3CV

Yaesu FT-1000MP at 100W
80m Zepp at 50ft.
585ft Beverage to North.
N1MM working great as usual.

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