[3830] RTTY Roundup AA5AU Single Op LP

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Mon Jan 4 06:33:18 PST 2010

                    ARRL RTTY Roundup

Call: AA5AU
Operator(s): AA5AU
Station: AA5AU

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs
   80:  248
   40:  778
   20:  570
   15:  162
   10:    0
Total: 1758  State/Prov = 59  Countries = 59  Total Score = 207,444

Club: Louisiana Contest Club


Set some goals before the contest: 1800 Q's, 112 mults & 200k score. Got off to
a slow start.  20M was just not real good on Saturday and 15 was poor.  It was
very hard to get into a rhythm.  I struggled with rate until I went to 40
early.  Once on 40, the rate picked up but at the end of the first 13 hours I
was 100 Q's down from my "norm".  What gave me hope was the multiplier count
was up and 40 meters was fantastic.  I was having EU mults call in on 40 that I
normally don't get which means I wouldn't have to go hunt for them on 20 Sunday
morning.  80 was just OK.  I wish it had been better.

20 meter was better on Sunday and 15 gave some hope early with a few northeast
and midwest stations calling in with weak but very readable signals. 
Eventually the band opened well into the west coast which made it more
tolerable.  Unfortunately not much DX and worked on a couple EU stations.

One good thing was working all states in the first 12 hours with LA and ND
being the last two states (also worked DC).  There were LOTS of DE stations.
Also had a rare Canadian YT station call me.  No real exotic DX this year, but
118 mults is pretty good.

The Roundup without 10M and a fully open 15 meters is really starting to be a
drag.  It's seems we've been playing this same strategy too many years in a
row.  For me the contest was just not that exciting this time and almost just
too much work.  The most fun for me is seeing signals all across 40 meters and
tremendous runs I'm able to get there.  My D40 at 63 feet works great.  I ran
one frequency for nearly 9 hours on Saturday.  That was fun.

I didn't achieve my 1800 Q's goal but was very happy with the multiplier count
and achieving over 200k points since I wasn't able to do it last year.  Thanks
to everyone for the contacts.  I just hope we get to play more on 15 meters
(and maybe 10M) next year.

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