[3830] NAQP SSB VA7ST Single Op LP

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Sat Jan 16 23:48:42 PST 2010

                    North American QSO Party, SSB - January

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 5

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:    4     4
   40:   20    12
   20:  209    42
   15:   27    13
Total:  260    71  Total Score = 18,460

Club: British Columbia DX Club



The highlight was 20M, which felt strong. I had a good time there during the day
with good, steady action. 

Planned a full 10 hours, but wasn't able to generate enough activity to warrant
more than 5 hours on. After-dark activity on the lower bands was pitifully thin
here, and I walked away after dozens and dozens of unanswered CQs. 

15M was very disappointing considering flux has been well above 80 for a few
days. Never more than a trickle of activity, whether calling or searching.
Those I worked (er, looked Northwest) had strong signals, so the band was open.
Despite expecting much more this year, my 27 Qs and 13 mults are still far
better than the zero-for-zero I had on 15M last year.

Hope someone else was able to provide the BC mult on 40M and 80M. I tried for
two hours with virtually no takers. Looks like many out West did well on those
bands but they were pretty much non-events here. After about half an hour of
fruitless CQs around 0300z on 75M, I dumped the microphone and spun the dial to
work 80M RTTY in UKDX, and had Qs all over US/VE. Go figure. 

Just 16 mults on 40M and 80M combined, so I didn't even get close to last
year's modest mult and score totals, which had been my only objective this
year. Next time, maybe. I did make a bunch more Qs and three more mults on 20M
than last year, which felt good.

BARTG RTTY is next weekend. That'll be more fun.

2010 January:  260    71   18,460 -- 5 hrs
2009 January:  270    92   24,840 -- 6 hrs
2008 January:   25    19      475 -- 1 hr

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