[3830] BARTG Sprint P40YL(AI6YL) Single Op HP

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Sun Jan 24 09:44:07 PST 2010

                    BARTG RTTY Sprint

Call: P40YL
Operator(s): AI6YL
Station: P49V

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  QSOs  Pts
   80:   42    42
   40:  476   476
   20:  708   708
   15:  132   132
Total: 1358  1358  Mults = 93  Total Score = 708,876

Club: Araucaria DX Group


Another good RTTY experience, thanks to the BARTG Sprint sponsors.  I set and
achieved two goals: to work the entire event and to log 1000 Qs.  Lots of
activity throughout most of the contest, until the wee hours Sunday, when I
learned just what it feels like to CQ on an all but deserted 40.  I was saved
by an early opening on 20 with the Europeans calling nonstop right up to the
final moments of the test.  They kept me awake and gave me my fastest hourly
rate to date.  Thank you to everyone, as always, for the calls, the repeats and
the opportunity to be a part of the hobby. 88 Sue

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