[3830] BARTG Sprint KT6YL Single Op HP

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Sun Jan 24 10:12:08 PST 2010

                    BARTG RTTY Sprint

Call: KT6YL
Operator(s): KT6YL
Station: KT6YL

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Manteca,CA
Operating Time (hrs): 8

 Band  QSOs  Pts
   80:   25   25
   40:   30   30
   20:  244  244
   15:   56   56
Total:  355  355  Mults = 36  Total Score = 63,900

Club: Northern California Contest Club


I only threw in a few hours here and there, just to play around and give out
some points.
After 3 hours I realized that stations West of me came in stronger and I heard
almost nothing from Europe....then I noticed that the strong winds we had a few
days ago, blew my beam (that still has a broken/stuck rotor) so that it was
pointing West and the rotor controller was pointing at 30 degrees.
Go figure... no wonder why I heard no Europe, the beam was pointing straight
I managed to nudge the beam back to the north east and of course that helped a
lot to hear Stateside but by then Europe was long gone. I can't wait to have a
working rotor and new beam, hard to work seriously with broken equipment, still
fun to play in my favorite mode, on a cold wet Saturday. I will try a more
serious effort when all the equipment works again. For those who had the
patience to repeat call/ Nr over and over again, I thank you, because I could
not turn the beam to point at you, and it was sometimes tough to pull out a
station on the side or back of the beam.  Thanks for all the QSO's, always nice
to hear those familiar callsigns again that I run in to almost every contest.
best 73/88s to all and CU in the next contest. Tiny, KT6YL

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