[3830] BARTG Sprint ZM2B(ZL2BR) Single Op HP

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Mon Jan 25 02:35:40 PST 2010

                    BARTG RTTY Sprint

Call: ZM2B
Operator(s): ZL2BR
Station: ZM2B

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: New Plymouth, NZ
Operating Time (hrs): 21

 Band  QSOs  Pts
   40:   70   70
   20:  164  164
   15:  132  132
   10:    9    9
Total:  375  375  Mults = 74  Total Score = 166,500



In general conditions were better than expected. 

20m - the short path opening to Eu, was a war zone, extremely busy with many
over lapping CQing signals all the way up to 14120, obviously they couldnt hear
each other or were pretending they couldnt.

15m - fair conditions to Eu, JA & NA. 

40m - was a no go zone for the last 5 hours of the contest due, to the Chinese

10m - brief but nice opening to JA plus half a contact with W0YK

Nearly didnt work the sixth continent. Only SA signal copied was P40YL.
There were at least 18 Oceania stations active (ZL, VK, YB, DU, FO, KH6 and
9M6), so hope everyone got at least one OC continent contact.

73, Frank

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